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Hiring Exhibition Panels

Hiring exhibition panels can mean a much less stressful event!
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Hiring exhibition panels is the perfect solution for businesses, schools, colleges and churches. By hiring exhibition panels much of the additional stress of storing the equipment, delivering it to the event location, set up and removal is removed. By using an experienced exhibition company like Premier Exhibitions all of these tasks are done for you. Leaving you and your team to focus on your event.

Storing exhibition panels can be problematic.

Exhibition panels are bulky items. So you may need quite a bit of space to store them. And if they aren’t stored properly they can be damaged and may not function correctly. By hiring exhibition panels these problems are the responsibility of the exhibition company and are something else you don’t need to worry about!

Hiring exhibition panels means you don’t need to worry about logistics

We know that exhibition panels are bulky items and getting them from storage to venue will require additional transport. Depending on how many panels you need for your event this could mean hiring large vehicles and possibly drivers. Also consider where your event is located, access to it for deliver vehicles, parking permissions and how far it is from the vehicle to the actual stand location. Moving multiple panels can be very time consuming and could require multiple people from your team to help.

You will also have to consider taking down your stand after the event and ensuring the transportation is there ready to collect and move your equipment.  Therefore not hiring exhibition panels will add additional costs and planning time for your event.

Save more if you exhibit at multiple events

In addition if you are exhibiting at multiple events there are further benefits by hiring exhibition panels. Your exhibition supplier can design the layout of your stands to maximise the space. They will also provide only the products you need. This will save you costs in transportation and planning your event.

Focus on your event

If you want you and your team to focus on the event you are planning then hiring exhibition panels from Premier Exhibitions would remove much of the hassle and stress. Our professional team can advise you on the best products to suit your needs. Use our contact page to get in touch and one of our professional friendly team will be there to help you.

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